FAQ: Can I get a refund for my ticket if I am unable to attend?

Tickets can only be refunded in the event of a force majeure, such as the cancellation of the exhibition.


FAQ: What are the opening hours?

Friday, 17 May: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday, 18 May: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sunday, 19 May: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


FAQ: Are children admitted for free?

Yes, children up to and including 10 years of age enter for free and do not require a ticket. Visitors aged 11 to 18 are eligible for reduced ticket prices at the ticket office.


FAQ: Can I change or cancel an online ticket purchase? Can I get a refund?

Online tickets purchase from our online vendor are valid for any single day of the event, with no need to select a specific day when purchasing. Tickets are not associated with a specific individual, and you can purchase tickets for other visitors, such as your friends and family. However, buyers are responsible for ensuring the ticket holder can be identified in case of need.

Refunds are available only if the event is cancelled.

FOR ASSISTANCE AND MORE INFORMATION: Call +39 041 2719009 from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., or email


FAQ: Are visitors with disabilities eligible for free entry? How can they obtain it? Which disabilities are eligible for free entry? Is proof of disability required?

Visitors with a 100% disability rating are eligible for a complimentary ticket for themselves and for a carer of their choice. This can be claimed at the ticket office upon presentation of valid proof of disability.

Visitors with partial disabilities qualify for a reduced-price ticket, which can also be claimed at the ticket office upon presentation of valid proof.


FAQ: Can I exit and re-enter Play on the same day with my ticket?

No, each ticket allows for a single entry per day only. You are not allowed to exit and re-enter the exhibition centre with the same ticket.


FAQ: Are dogs or other animals allowed?

Yes, dogs and other animals are welcome to the exhibition centre in accordance with current regulations. Visitors wishing to bring a dog to the exhibition centre must follow these safety measures:

Dog owners must ensure their dogs are leashed (max length 1.5 meters) whenever they are in a public area. Dog owners must also carry a muzzle (soft muzzle or basket muzzle) for use whenever a risk to the safety of other visitors or animals arises, or upon request by any authority, including personnel of the exhibition centre.


FAQ: Which bus service goes to Play?

Take SETA Bus Line No. 9. For stops and timetables, visit:


FAQ: Where is the campervan area?

The closest campervan area is “International Camping”, Via Cave Ramo, 111 - 41123 Modena MO.


FAQ: Where can I find a map of Play?

A digital map will be available on the Play website and our social media channels.


FAQ: Can I attend in Cosplay attire?

Yes, Cosplay costumes are welcome at Play. Nonetheless, due to current regulations, authorities must be able to identify all visitors at all times. Below are the specific guidelines for cosplayers attending Play:





In accordance with Article 5 of Law no. 152 dated 22 May 1975, the wearing of protective helmets or any headgear that obscures the face and makes visitor identification challenging is strictly prohibited within the exhibition centre without a valid reason.



The introduction of actual cutting weapons or similar sharp tools, firearms, or any items that could pose a danger, including explosives, fireworks, and smoke bombs, into the exhibition centre is strictly forbidden. Security personnel will inspect all accessories, and those deemed hazardous may be confiscated or held for the duration of the event.



All prop or replica firearms must feature an Orange Tip: a red or orange marker at least 3 cm long on the barrel. If the barrel cannot accommodate an Orange Tip, a similarly sized brightly coloured mark on the rear of the weapon must be visible at all times.



Visitors are forbidden from carrying prop or replica bladed weapons that have sharp points or cutting edges. Such prop/ replica weapons (swords, katanas, knives, kunai, scythes and the like) must be purely ornamental: do not use them to stage fighting of any kind.

Do not perform or stage shows with metal swords or other metal blades of any kind, even if unsharpened, as they could break and harm third parties or the performer. Such metal replicas, if allowed at all by security personnel, must be wrapped, sheathed, or otherwise kept in complete safety at all times when outside the designated area of use.

You are allowed to unsheathe a replica weapon for inspection by security staff if they are an important part of the cosplay you are wearing.



Carrying prop or replica bladed weapons with sharp points or cutting edges is not allowed. Props such as swords, katanas, knives, kunai, scythes, etc., must be strictly decorative: do not use them for staged combat of any kind.

Metal swords or blades, even if unsharpened, must not be used for performances, as they pose a breakage and injury risk towards performers and third parties. Security may allow metal replicas if they are safely contained or sheathed when not in use.

You are allowed to unsheathe your replica weapon to submit it to inspection by security personnel, if it is an important part of the cosplay you are wearing.



You may freely carry non-firearm ranged weapons, but you are not allowed to carry any form of ammunition or projectiles.

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