The theme of the 15th edition of Play – the Games Festival is “Role, Experience, and Storytelling”, celebrating 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons and Role-Playing Games.

Play 2024 theme “Role, Experience, and Storytelling” celebrates the 50th anniversary since the birth of Dungeons & Dragons and Role Playing Games,


This year's theme playfully explores the concepts and meanings of role, narrative, and experience. We delve into the multifaceted role of gaming in society; not just the experience of role-playing, but also the broader societal roles games play. Here “experience” refers to both to the experiences within the game and to the overall impact games have beyond mere entertainment.


Building on last year’s focus, the Festival will also explore storytelling and its functions across all types of games.


Visitors can expect a rich programme filled with gaming events, talks, and workshops, all designed to celebrate the world of Role-Playing Games and their significant impact on the broader gaming industry, especially board games.

Survive the Dungeon 2024

Join us for the fourth year of “Masters of Masters”, where1d30 of Referees and Need Games’ Old-School Essentials will plunge you into the flavourful world of Old-School gaming. Room 400 – Saturday, 18 May, 9:30 50 Years of UsSurvive the Dungeon is an unique event in Italy, pitting adventurers in a merciless race against time. At each gaming table, ...
Primo Piano - Sala 400 sabato 18hours 9:30
Sopravvivi al Dungeon 2024