David "Zeb" Cook

Lead Designer of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and TSR author David “Zeb” Cook to attend Play 2024

zeb cook sito

Francesca Baerald

International Artist and Cartographer, Francesca Baerald is creating the Play 2024 poster map


FBaerald sito

John Kovalic

Munchkin artist John Kovalic to attend Play 2024


Xavier Georges

Winner of the 2023 Goblin Magnifico award Xavier Georges to attend Play 2024


Garphill Games

Shem and Sam of Garphill Games to attend Play 2024.

Shem and Sam

Doug Hopkins

Game designer will be at Play 2024

doug hopkins

Tuomas Pirinen

Mordheim author to attend Play 2024

Tuomas Pirinen

Adrien Martinot

Game Designer, will attend Play 2024


Matteo Menapace

Game designer Matteo Menapace to attend Play 2024

Matteo Menapace

Tobias Wrigstad

Game designer and LARP author Tobias Wrigstad to attend Play 2024

Tobias sito


InnTale to attend Play 2024

inntale sito

Gabriele Stazi aka the Leprechaun

Costume Designer and Artist Gabriele Stazi to attend Play 2024

gabriele sito

Angelo Di Chello

World-renowned miniatures painter Angelo Di Chello to Attend Play 2024.

PLAY 2021 Ospite Angelo Di Chello

Katerina Ladon

Katerina Ladon, Illustrator and Concept Artist, to attend Play 2024

PLAY 2021 Ospite katerina Ladon